This is where i'll blog on anything and everyting. Well let's start this then. Got back from Asia a while ago and got back in the hobby via John's help. 

I hadn't touched anything for 2 years now and my veterancy was sucked out of  me or so I thought! A great way to make time for it was to create this site. We had never had time to put anything on the web and new technologies and programs made the ever-so-difficult task to create and operate websites and blogs easier.  So by working on this it motivates me to work on projects and give a glimpse on what we are doing.

- Manticore 


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    I've been addicted from the start. SciFi is what keeps me going and spending. It reflects in my reading material, my hobbies, my TV shows, my downloads from the net, my computer or console games, even my sports!

    But mainly, this blog will be about GW related stuff. The sensationnaly extensive background, the story line and the obvisously outstanding minis is what got me hooked up like a dirty dirty little miniature gaming  w***e.  


    Juillet 2009



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