Papoulakos Art

''I have been professionally sculpting and painting historical art for more than two decades now and it seemed to be fun and challenging to focus my energy on science fiction and fantasy miniatures.

Discovering fantastic companies such as Games Workshop,Forgeworld, Warmachines and The Black Library and falling in a world of highly documented products is an amazing way to start painting and obivoulsy playing the game. 

Catching up at what seems to be a rather frightenly fast pace, the last few years pushed me to read a whole lot about the subject and slowly build a good knowledge base.

Hope you enjoy the works. They are my pride and joy!''

J. P. Papoulakos


John P. Papoulakos was born in Athens in 1969 and moved to Sparta at the age of 12.

He obtained his university degree in Art Restoration and Conservation and Byzantine Iconography.

John is a multi-award winner in the historical miniatures field including many gold and silver medals at EuroMilitary, Chicago Show, Historical World Expo and numerous citations in England and Greece.

He now lives in Montreal and recently joined the ranks of Team Montreal painting group to participate at the Games Workshop Games Day.

His best and favourite scratchbuilt model is his daughter, Argyro.

The Slave Master : Manticore

Improvised webmaster, photographer and content writer. Owned a 20 000 point Black Templars army at some point. He is what you can consider excessive.